Episode 010

RF Safety

This episode’s theme is RF Safety. Radio Frequency or RF isn’t always something that people consider dangerous, but prolonged exposure can wreak havoc on the body.

About This Episode

In episode 10 of Gear Up with Gear Experts, our guest is Max Birch. Max is the lead engineer for FieldSENSE. FieldSENSE is an industry-leading manufacturer of personal RF Monitors.

We talk with Max about:

  1. His journey into the RF Industry;
  2. A Brief History of FieldSENSE;
  3. How the relationship between FieldSENSE and GME Supply began;
  4. FieldSENSE’s design philosophy;
  5. What RF safety is;
  6. What frequencies we need to look out for;
  7. The effects of RF;
  8. RF and rooftops;
  9. RF training;
  10. Symptoms of RF sickness;
  11. FCC Regulations & Shaped Response;
  12. How the FieldSENSE works;
  13. The 6-minute averaging rule;
  14. Common RF misconceptions; and
  15. Additional features of the FieldSENSE 2.0


We’d also like to remind everyone that while this show is meant to be fun, entertaining, and informative it is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any fall protection equipment is used. And proper training should be received before operating any equipment or before climbing.

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