Episode 012


This episode’s theme is training. The equipment you have is essentially useless if you haven’t been trained in proper operating procedures. Knowing what to do, how to do, and how to stay safe are an important part of industrial work.

About This Episode

In episode 12 of Gear Up with Gear Experts, our guest is Ben Bowman. Ben is the Director of Marketing & Sales for Safety LMS. Safety LMS is North America’s #1 source for tower safety training.

We talk with Ben about:

  1. How the training philosophy of Safety LMS sets them apart from traditional safety training companies;
  2. Why training is important (SPOILER: it’s more than just safety);
  3. Some examples of when training made all the difference; and
  4. Some of Ben’s favorite training sessions.

This week we discuss our partnership with the Tower Family Foundation.

The Tower Family Foundation or (Tower Industry Family Support Charitable Foundation) “was established to help provide assistance to the family members of a severely injured, permanently disabled, or deceased tower worker injured or killed in an accident stemming from working at heights on communication structures or other on the job-related activities that tower workers are involved in on a daily basis”. As part of our efforts to help raise money, we are launching the brand-new GME Supply “Climb Higher” Tower Family Foundation Donation T-Shirt. All proceeds from this shirt will be donated directly to the Tower Family Foundation.


We’d also like to remind everyone that while this show is meant to be fun, entertaining, and informative it is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any fall protection equipment is used. And proper training should be received before operating any equipment or before climbing.

Why Do You Climb?

We’d like to hear from you about why YOU climb. Email us a voice message at gearup@gearexperts.com about why you climb and what climbing means to you for a chance to be featured on the show – and win some swag of course.

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