Episode 003

Customizable Kits

This episode’s theme is customizable kits. Going through an entire website or catalog and trying to find the exact things you need each time you hire a new person or need to replace a common equipment setup can be a total drag – not to mention, it takes up way too much time.

Hosts & Guests

John Medina Alex Giddings feat: Cody Sellers

About This Episide

In episode 3 of Gear Up with Gear Experts, our guest is Gear Expert Cody Sellers. Cody is the Northwest Regional Sales Manager and has been with GME Supply and Columbia Safety for 2 years.

We talk with Cody about:

  1. What exactly we mean by customizable kits;
  2. Benefits of kits;
  3. Popular types of kits; and
  4. What industries can take advantage of our kits.

This week we discuss Tower Climbing Kits. Topics include:

  1. What the kits include;
  2. Time savings; and
  3. Further customization.

You can find our full blog post about tower climbing kits by clicking here.


We also make a few announcements that we are pretty excited about!

  1. We are the Infinity Sponsor for NATE Unite 2019. If you find yourself going to NATE this year – be sure to stop by our booth and say hello!
  2. We’re expanding. We’ve got a new location in Dallas, Texas. If you’re in the Dallas area, come check out our new building and say hello!


We’d also like to take this time to remind everyone that while this show is meant to be fun, entertaining, and informative it is not intended to replace proper, in-depth training. Manufacturer’s instructions must also be followed and reviewed before any fall protection equipment is used. And proper training should be received before operating any equipment or before climbing.

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