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Episode 010: RF Safety

Episode 010 RF SafetyThis episode's theme is RF Safety. Radio Frequency or RF isn’t always something that people consider dangerous, but prolonged exposure can wreak havoc on the body.Hosts & Guests John Medina Alex Giddings feat: Max BirchResources Choose Your...

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Episode 009: Tool Tethering

Episode 009 Tool Tethering This episode's theme is tool tethering. Tool tethering is another way to ensure that your crew, both the ones climbing/doing the work and the ones on the ground, stay safe. Hosts & Guests John Medina Alex Giddings feat: Jim Zepp...

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Episode 008: Lifting & Rigging

Episode 008 Lifting & Rigging This episode's theme lifting and rigging. It’s an important part of at-height work and if not done properly can cause a whole range of different issues.Hosts & Guests John Medina Alex Giddings feat: Austin Painter Resources Choose...

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Episode 007: Rescue

Episode 007 RescueThis episode's theme is rescue. While we’d all like to believe that rescue situations will never happen for us, unfortunately, mistakes or freak accidents can happen. Being properly prepared for a rescue situation is an important part of job site...

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Episode 006: Benefits of a Regional Sales Manager

Episode 006 Benefits of a Regional Sales Manager This episode's theme is working with a regional sales manager. As we’ve mentioned in the past, here at GME Supply and Columbia Safety Supply we don’t just have employees, we have Gear Experts. With a top-notch...

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Episode 005: Solar

Episode 005 Solar Solar has taken the world by storm. It’s an industry that has seen explosive growth. In fact, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association solar has seen an average annual growth rate of 54%. More than 250,000 Americans work in the solar...

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Episode 004: Tower Climbing Safety

Episode 004 Tower Climbing SafetyThis episode's theme is tower climbing safety. It’s no secret that tower climbing is a dangerous job. But there are ways to help keep everyone safe while working. Equipment and best practices when using that equipment are imperative in...

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Episode 003: Customizable Kits

Episode 003 Customizable KitsThis episode's theme is customizable kits. Going through an entire website or catalog and trying to find the exact things you need each time you hire a new person or need to replace a common equipment setup can be a total drag - not to...

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Episode 002: Communication on the Job Site

Episode 002 Communication on the Job SiteThis episode's theme is communication on the job site. Communication is an important part of every job. If you cannot quickly, reliably, and clearly communicate with your crew then a job can quickly go from easy to difficult...

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Episode 001: Your Gear Experts

Episode 001 Your Gear Experts It’s our first show and so we wanted to spend a few minutes talking about what it is, why we started it, and what you can expect in the future. Hosts & Guests John Medina Alex Giddings feat: Chris Heitkamp Resources Choose Your Gear...

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